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Dance it Out.
Vote on Your Favorites.

Be You Boldly

Express yourself like never before. Challenge your friends to a DanceFight® & show off your best dance moves for friends and fans. If it moves you, move it.

Who Will You DanceFight?

Introducing the world’s first dance competition app. Challenge a friend to a dance-off. Vote on your favorites. Climb the leaderboard. It’s your move!


You Decide The Winner!

The power is yours. You help decide the outcome of each dance-off. Swipe to cast your vote. It’s that simple!

Challenge Friends Or The World

Challenge: choose song

Choose Your Favorite Song

Pick a trending song or a throwback

Challenge: record

Record Your Dance

Record your best dance moves, then add filters & effects

Challenge: leaderboard

DanceFight A Friend

Challenge a friend to a dance off or vote on your favorites


Rack up the fights

And dance your way to the top of the leaderboard as you build your squad along the way.

We Doin' We

DanceFight is a tidal wave in the sea of sameness. We’re rebellious, playfully provocative and a swift kick to society’s groin. We’re empowered, not bitter. We’re unified, electrified and we live to walk through fear. We’re a scream into a pillow without the pillow, proud, loud, and ready for a good dance off.

Passion is our weapon. Humor is our antidote. And Dance is our language.

Check out What We’re About.