What We’re About

It is in our nature to be free
To be unbothered
let them do them,
Let me be me.
Always choosing inspired not intimidated
Because shared success makes us feel liberated.
We celebrate the weird,
We honor the unique
refusing to believe we’ve seen anything close to the peak;
of our shared human potential.
You know what I’m talking about…the boldness that took us to outer space, the innovation that gave us hip-hop,
The special kind of human beauty that allows us to exist beyond our imaginations
proving impossible is just a state of mind.

We are leaders, united in the challenge of bettering our world
Setting our ego aside, embracing the mystery of what we don’t know
But with confidence in who we are,
and who we could be
Always ready to grow
Pretending borders don’t exist,
Allowing everyone to be fully human,
allowing our lives with diversity to be enriched.
Speaking in a language anyone can understand
We’re dancing to our own rhythm,
Developing a universal brand
Shouting our truth because silence is not an option
We’re done with timid, and giving the finger to caution.
Unwilling to settle for comfort,
Being everything but complacent,
Unable to be confined to expectation
Where we walk we will break down walls,
We’ve been backed into a corner and now out come the claws.

We are warriors, our art is our most powerful weapon,
The passion is a fire in our bellies burning bright
Some people will try and stop us, knock us down
but we won’t go down without a fight.

-Written by Zoe Schneider for DanceFight
find her and challenge her at @zoes 😉