FAQs | DanceFight


How do I create a DanceFight?

Simply tap the Create button on the bottom of the screen. From there, you can preview and choose your song. Next, you’ll choose the exact clip of the song you want to dance to, up to 30 seconds. Record yourself as many times as you want until you get your dance just right. When you tap Use Video, you then can create a title and description, and how long people have to vote.

From there, we make it easy for you to challenge one or more people and invite one or more voters to support you.

As soon as someone accepts your challenge and records their dance, your dance-off should appear within minutes on the Home screen.

The more it’s voted on, the more likely it is to appear on other users’ Home screens, so make sure you tell your friends to support you!


What does it mean to “join” a DanceFight?

When you “join” a DanceFight, you’ll be able to use the existing title and music selection from that DanceFight.  You can challenge any combination of the original dancers, anybody else in the community, or anybody you want to invite to the DanceFight app.

After you record yourself, your DanceFight will go live on the home screen under the title you joined.


How do I challenge friends who don’t have the app?

After recording your DanceFight and customizing it, you will land on “Select Who to Challenge”. To challenge friends who don’t have the app, tap the Find Friends To Challenge button. This will enable you to share your challenge with friends via your social apps, text, or email.

Another simple way to challenge friends who don’t have DanceFight yet is to send them a link to the App Store and encourage them to download the app. Once they’ve done that, have them share their username with you.


How do I invite friends to vote?

After recording your DanceFight and challenging people, you’ll be able to invite your friends to vote for you. To invite friends who don’t have the app, tap the Find Friends To Invite button. From there you can share the DanceFight with friends via your social apps, text, or email and get them to support you!

Another way to invite friends who don’t have DanceFight yet is to wait until your DanceFight is live and then tap the INVITE button under your DanceFight.


Why isn’t my DanceFight appearing on the home screen?

Our platform takes many factors into account when selecting which DanceFights to display in the feed on the home screen, including the number of views, length of views, who is following the participating dancers, and votes.


How do I view my video at a later time after I record it?

Once you record your video, it will show up in your Activity Feed.


I only see a few categories (Top Tracks, etc.) of songs to choose from? How do I find more?

To discover more songs, simply use the search field to search by song name or artist.


How long does it take for someone to receive my challenge?

Your friend will receive your challenge within minutes of you sending a challenge. A notification will show up in their Activity Feed. If they have notifications enabled on their phone, they will also receive a notification on their phone.


When does someone receive my invite to vote?

Your friends will receive your invitation when DanceFight goes live with a link that goes directly to your DanceFight if they already have the app downloaded or to the App Store if they need to download the app.


Why can’t I record my own music/voice?

For the time being, we do not allow you to record your own voice or use music from your library. In the future, we do plan on allowing you to record your voice.


Can I upload videos from my library?

All videos must be recorded using the DanceFight app.


How will I know when my DanceFight is live?

You will receive a notification in your Activity Feed showing that your DanceFight is live.

It’s really important to Enable Notifications so you can receive alerts when your fights go live or when a winner has been announced for your DanceFights.


My friend has an Android phone. Can I challenge them or share the app with them?

Not yet. The Android version of the app will be available later this Summer! Your friends can sign up for updates on our Android release through this form.


Why can’t I see how many votes I have?

We do not display individual or total vote count. Our goal is to create a fun environment where participating is way more important than winning or losing. We only show the winner of a DanceFight, rather than showing how many votes each person has received.


What happens if I turn comments off?

If you turn comments off when creating your DanceFight, users will be unable to leave comments on your DanceFight.


More questions and/or feedback?  Reach out to us at support@dancefightapp.com.