How do I vote?

When viewing dancers side-by-side, drag the big “VS” to the left or right. Expand the dancer you want to vote for and then release the VS. You can place your vote on the “Vote” feed on the Home screen and also on any DanceFights you find in a user’s profile. You can also vote on “completed” DanceFights to see instant results (completed DanceFights are indicated by a Winner Announced label)!

How do I create a challenge?

  1. Tap the pink Create button at the bottom of the screen and tap “Create” on the menu that pops up
  2. Choose the exact clip of the song you want to dance to (from 5-30 seconds)
  3. After you record your dance, add a description and choose contest length (how long you want voting to be open for).

You can post your challenge to the community, which shows your dance on the “Challenge” feed on the Home screen immediately. You can also send direct challenges to people on and off the app.

As soon as someone accepts your challenge and submits their dance, your DanceFight goes live on the Vote feed on the Home screen.

The more it’s voted on, the more it will appear on other users’ feeds, so make sure you get your friends to support you!

What does it mean to “JOIN” a DanceFight?

When you tap JOIN, you can challenge the participating dancers or anyone else to a DanceFight to that exact song clip.

After you record yourself, your DanceFight will go live immediately on the Vote feed on the home screen.

How do I get my dance to go live right away?

There are two ways to get your video live fast!

  1. Create a dance and post it on the “Challenge” feed. Just tap the pink Create button at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps to record your dance. Then on the “Get Uploaded!” screen, select the “Post as an Open Challenge” option. Your video will appear almost instantly on the “Challenge” feed on the home screen.
  2. Tap JOIN under any existing DanceFight and challenge one of the two dancers already in that DanceFight. Your DanceFight–next to whoever you challenged–will go live on the “Vote” feed on the home screen.

How do I challenge friends who don’t have the app?

After recording your DanceFight, you will arrive at the “Get Uploaded!” screen. Be sure “Send Direct Challenges” is selected. Tap the “Upload” button. Then tap the “Find Contacts To Challenge” button at the bottom of the screen. This will enable you to share your challenge with friends via your social apps, text or email.

Another simple way to challenge friends who don’t have DanceFight yet is to send them to the App Store to download the app. Once they’ve done that, exchange usernames with each other to send challenges easily within the app.

How do I invite friends to vote?

When your DanceFight is live, you can share it from the “Vote” feed on the Home screen. You can also go into your profile (or anyone else’s), select the DanceFight of interest, and tap the INVITE button under the DanceFight to share the DanceFight with friends via your social apps, text, or email. The more voters you invite, the more likely you are to win!

How do I create a tournament?

You can create an invite-only bracket-style tournaments on DanceFight available for dancers who have the iPhone version of the app. Voting is open to all (iPhone and Android) when the tournament goes live. Here’s how to create a tournament:

  1. Tap the pink Create button at the bottom of the screen and then tap, “Quick Tourney”
  2. Follow the tournament setup process, including choosing the exact clip of the song you want everyone in the tournament to dance to (from 5-30 seconds)
  3. You can invite anyone who has the app downloaded and you can also add yourself to the tournament or just be the organizer.

Your tournament will have a start date, and if enough of the people you’ve invited have joined, the tournament will begin automatically. Everyone records their best dance to the tournament song, and that one video gets matched up automatically (and randomly) throughout the tournament. The dancers with the most votes in each matchup keep advancing until a winner is crowned.


How do I view my video at a later time after I record it?

Once you record your video, it will show up in your Activity Feed, which is located on your Profile screen. Turn on Notifications in your Settings to make sure you get the alert that your video is available.

You can also view all of your recordings in your Profile under the “My Dances” tab.

How long does it take for someone to receive my challenge?

Your friend will receive your challenge within minutes of you sending it to them. If they have notifications enabled, they will receive a notification. A notification will also show up in their Activity Feed at their Profile in the app.

When does someone receive my invite to vote?

The invitations you send to friends to vote for you are automatically sent out by the app when your DanceFight goes live. We’ve got you covered!

Can I record my own music/voice or upload my own videos?

Currently, we only allow the use of pre-licensed music. This ensures that we properly credit and support the amazing music artists present in the app. For now, we also require that all videos must be recorded using the DanceFight app.

How will I know when my DanceFight is live?

It’s really important to Enable Notifications so you can receive alerts when your fights go live or when a winner has been announced for your DanceFights. You will also receive a notification in your Activity Feed showing that your DanceFight is live.

Why can’t I see how many votes I have?

We do not display individual or total vote counts. Our goal is to create a fun environment where participating is way more important than winning or losing. We only show current leaders and winners, rather than showing how many votes each person has received.


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