MOVEALIL Dance Battle Tourney

DanceFight is the first EVER app created specifically for virtual dance battles and tournaments.

The MOVEALIL Virtual Tourney will take place on the DanceFight app starting on April 19th, 2021.

➡️ Must have an iPhone.
➡️ Must be at least 13-years-old
➡️ Download the DanceFight app from the App Store and create a username
🛑 ***You must create a DanceFight username before submitting this form.
➡️ Complete this registration form by Sunday 18th at midnight ET

➡️ Complete this registration form by Sunday 18th at midnight ET
➡️ Videos must be submitted by Monday the 19th at 7PM ET
➡️ Tournament goes LIVE and Voting starts Monday the 19th at 8PM ET
➡️ Voting Duration Per Round = 24 hours

YOU will compete alongside a select group of dancers and BATTLE HEAD-TO-HEAD for a Cash Prize of $150 and The MOVEALIL Virtual title. The winner will also have the opportunity to battle Lil O in person at the Live MOVEALIL event on April 24th in Philly!

Following a prelim round of battles, the DanceFight audience will select our top dancers who will be competing in the bracket rounds for the $150 cash prize. We are expecting a great turnout both from dancers and thousands of viewers and voters across the country.

This tournament will raise the bar between competitors in the DanceFight platform. Dancers will exchange, compete, and level up, but most importantly The MOVEALIL Virtual Tourney is an opportunity to showcase your authenticity, rep your style, your city, and ultimately inspire others to confidently be themselves.


Questions? Email us at Click here to download the DanceFight app.